do more of what makes you happyHey, it’s me, Jorien.

This site is about life and how to find direction, meaning and a lot of joy. I’m not there yet, completely enlightened and sharing old wisdom ;). I’m searching myself,┬álearning each day, and will share with you my journey of [self]discovery after a burn out, a big wake up call that I needed a more inspired life, fueled by inspiration instead of fear and performance. But how? – Well: find a path, or make one.

It’s a big thing to actually start trying to live life on your own terms. To find out what it even is you want, and then truly and unconditionally strive to make it happen.
I do my best to fail more than ever before (because then I know I’m really trying), to explore situations that excite and scare me and then write about it (which is exciting and scary in its own right – but extremely rewarding as well).

I hope you’ll share your experiences with me too and we’ll be able to inspire and support each other. Let’s go!